Sunday, September 17, 2017

Long and busy week

I didn't get a single stitch done, but I did make it through a work week (somehow). I did spend most of the week locked in my office. The stuttering was horrible until almost the end of the week and I still can't really answer the phone properly. I am going across the street to the hospital, but I bolt in and out faster than Speedy Gonzales on speed. At least I'm saving a ton of money not stopping at Starbucks to get tea or energy drinks in the morning!

My fears about my work colleagues was justified. Everyone was either over-compensating or ignoring me completely. I really didn't care as much as I thought I would. I bothers me more that the people who actually knew I was in the loony bin thought I was there because I'm a nutter and that they didn't know the truth. A lot of people just thought I was off sick due to my mental issues, but didn't know about the hospital stay. Those people don't bother me as much and I'm not sure why.

By the end of the week I managed to go to the gas station by myself (but only because my gas light came on). I couldn't stay long enough to fill the tank because there were too many people roaming around, but it was a step. I also went to Walgreens and picked up my prescriptions at the drive-thru but I still can't go to Sonic. I went out Saturday with my Sister to get our hair done and we did a fair amount of shopping (even to the mall). Sephora forgot to put one of my purchases in my bag, so I ended up going back to the mall by myself to pick it up, but it wasn't as easy as it was supposed to be and my second trip to Walgreens didn't happen.

Point being, I'm no where near back to normal, but I'm dealing as best as I can which is still a pretty sad state of affairs. The only thing that is in no way, shape, form, or fashion improving is the nightmares...they are getting more and more terrible by the day. I wake up every single morning at 2:47 am with the first one (not sure of the significance of that time and it's driving me crazy trying to figure it out), and they just keep on until the alarm goes off for work. Early Thursday morning, I just got up at 4:30 am and stayed up because those were the worst I'd ever had leading to full-on sleep paralysis, something I haven't done since I was a kid. You know, when you're awake but you can't open your eyes or move and you're still stuck in the dream?

So Friday morning, I decided not to sleep at all. I did end up snoozing for about an hour in the chair sitting straight up with the tv on, but nowhere near long enough to hit dream sleep and nowhere near 2:47, so it was the first (and only) night I haven't had nightmares since I got out of the hospital. Friday wasn't such a good work day though, so I've just given up and decided to deal with them as best as I can. I've tried watching horror movies to try to have "normal" nightmares, but all that does is put Freddy Kruger in the nuthouse with me! I'll take a good knife-wielding serial-killing psychopath over these dreams any day...being trapped in that bloody hospital.

I need to officially get started on that stupid letter to whoever about how I was treated at the hospital, but now I don't see the point anymore. I just want to forget it all. Besides, there is a lot about to go on next week and frankly, I just don't have time. I just want to go back to "my" normal again.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Stitched!

I took me a while (and quite a few Xanax to get my hands to quit shaking enough to work), but I finally started stitching again and I've barely stopped since! I left off on Alice and the B's:
And, although some of the work was done before I went "inside", here's where Cindy is now:
Right now, I'm still not ready to put them down and work on something else...I need the familiarity right now. I'm not stitching very fast, but I'm also not having any focus issues, which surprises me.

Tomorrow, I have to go back to work. It's why I'm stopping stitching earlier than normal because the fear is getting too great and my hands are shaking too bad again to stitch effectively. I can't thank you guys enough for all your support! It never ceases to amaze me how great all you guys are!

Unfortunately, I doubt I can say the same thing for my co-workers and I figure there will be a lot of judgement on me tomorrow. Normally, I could care less what those people think of me so I'm not sure why I care now, it's probably because I'm just too open and vulnerable to almost every little thing. To be honest, I'm not sure how many people at work actually know what happened to me and, the ones that do know, don't know the whole story. Once my Asper mouth gets running though, I probably won't be able to shut up about it.

I managed to go into work Saturday when no one was there and got somewhat caught up. Once I stepped out of the house, I practically ran to the car because my neighbors were all out roaming around. I tried to go to Sonic and get a soda, but I couldn't even go through the drive thru, so I failed that mission, but once I got to the lab, it was easy to get in the building because it's across the street from a busy hospital and people were EVERYWHERE. When I was inside, it was easy to get to my office, but I couldn't close the door to my office. That is going to be a problem. I had planned on spending my "real" work week locked in my office. I can't do that if I can't close the door. I am literally going to be a fishbowl. But then again, maybe it's just a people thing...I seem to run like a chicken when I see people, so maybe, come tomorrow, I'll be locking that door the moment I step through it. Here's hoping! And here's hoping that everyone will be terrified of the "crazy" and leave me alone! Stay tuned.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Nuthouse stay affecting HAED buying styles

Funny, but I scavenged from every credit card I had to get a few purchases from the HAED sale and my picks ended up being quite interesting from a psychiatric point of view.

Of course, there was the obligatory Jasmine Becket-Griffiths, including The World, which obviously is something I'm TERRIFIED of right now and can't bear to look at because it is filled with raging seas and terrifying monsters:
The World_000a
The Mini version of Dress of Storms, an obvious commentary on my emotional state:
Mini Dress of Storms_000a
Faces of Faery 71...hiding from the world:
Faces of Faery 71_000a
By The Seaside, where I spent a lot of my "incarceration" time imagining I was, gathering shells:
By The Seaside_000a
And Absinthe Goggles, which is what I felt like I was looking through the entire time. Absinthe doesn't have the same effect on me like it does most people, it takes a lot of it to get me drunk (unlike other alcohols), it just kind of clouds my brain, like those damn meds were doing:
Absinthe Goggles_000a
I also got the Supersized Max Color version of Alternate Reality by Josephine Wall. I've had the regular version for years but, even though I loved the pattern, I always disliked it's lack of detail and this version solves that problem. Right now, I'm living on the good side of that mirror, but eventually, I'm going to have to go back to work into the cold cruel "real world", so this one REALLY hits home. This might actually be the first SS/MC project I start and it might be soon if I can find some fabric on sale:
SS Alternative Reality MC_000a
While I was at it, I picked up her Lilac Dreams as well because I love purple and, if I ever do get to build my new house, this will look great in my bedroom (and, from the perspective of all the other choices, I did spend a lot of time in the nuthouse sleeping and dreaming of my happy places anyway):
Lilac Dreams_000a
On the darker side, I picked up John Shannon's Bitter Half. I've got to re-learn to hide that bitter half of myself from the world again since I seem to have lost an entire lifetime of Asper social training, so I thought this one was really appropriate. The left is how I am most times on the inside, the right is how I must appear to the world. I'm just not sure that I can remember how to pull it off anymore so I might look a bit schitzo to people for a while unless I keep myself as closed off as possible (which is my plan).
Bitter Half_000a
I also got my first fractal, Fairydust by Elizabeth Welker. I love this design because it's fairydust and supposed to be beautiful and happy (which it is), but it's all fractured and feels more sad than happy to me...fractured pieces of light amidst a sea of blackness, plus, there is the purple factor:
And last, but certainly not least, Lavender Grey by Sheena Pike. This IS me right now in every sense, from the expression to the accents to the colors. Anyone have the key that will unlock my head and get me back to normal? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Lavender Grey_000a

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Trapped from one small space to another

First of all, thank EVERYONE for your support! I am so grateful to have such good bloggie friends!! Can't necessarily say the same thing about the friends in my real world other than just a couple, but still! I am going to respond to everyone's emails and comments...just please be patient with me right now.

I still haven't gone back to work yet. I can't leave the house barely at all and, if I do, not for very long and NEVER alone. Yesterday was the first day I was able to take a shower without someone else in the house, but I couldn't keep the door closed, so the floor got soaked. The nightmares are getting worse too. I talked to the therapist at the hospital (to get my work excuse extended) and she suggested maybe I should come back to the hospital. I was still laughing when I hung up on her!

Basically, I'm extremely terrified of small places like bathrooms and showers, but I can't leave my tiny 1150 sq ft trailer because I'm terrified of the outside world. Every light also has to be on because my fear of the dark has also gone bizonker-nuts. The only way I can explain it is that the tiny spaces remind me of the hospital room and the outside world stirs up my social anxiety disorder and I've always been scared of the dark, so of course that fear is exacerbated with the rest of them.

My boss took me out to the drug store to get my meds yesterday and we drove around for a bit, but it left me with an extremely bad headache today, so I guess I'm glad I got my Stadol filled on a whim yesterday too. It also proves how suicidal I'm not because Stadol could kill me in literally two seconds if I use it wrong and I have no desire to, I just want my headache to stop.

I really want to stitch, but my hands won't stop shaking enough and I can't focus at all, so I haven't been able to (and I certainly can't with a headache). But my stitchy bug is back (I think), I just can't physically do it right now, but hopefully soon.

I'm still trying to get caught up on the outside world, but my hopes are with all my friends in Texas and now Florida. Take care of yourselves and BE CAREFUL! I can't believe hurricane season has barely started and it's already this bad. I hate to see what it will be like by the end of the season. Makes me feel stupid whining about my stupid little problems!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Be VERY careful what you say to a therapist or you'll spend 72 hours in a funny farm!

In case anyone was wondering where I've been for the past few days, I've been locked up in the nuthouse...yeah, no joke. I've always tried to tell the Asper side of things on my blog as much as I can, not just to help myself, but maybe help others out there who know people like me or who are like ain't all cross stitch and Disney around here, as most of you know.

You guys know that my meds have been screwed up lately. I mentioned that my shrink was leaving and I would be stuck with APNs, but at least I still had my therapist. The entire office moved to another building, but the problem was, they merged the Behavioral Health Clinic in with the Internal Medicine Residency Clinic, meaning us crazies were in with normals. That was problem enough and made it EXTREMELY difficult for me to even go over there at all, even though they had moved into the old Cancer Center where my Sister worked for years. You'd think I'd be comfortable there because I've been there a lot visiting her, but NO! I complained to one of my docs who, in turn, took it all the way to the board of directors to the hospital and the proverbial "shit was being stirred", but not fast enough.

My therapist called me week-before-last to tell me she was leaving the clinic too, but where she was moving was still local and I could come with her (and she wanted me to), so I got started on making the move from one place to the other. It solved the problem of me dealing with the new clinic's location, but the catch was, it would be the middle of September before she started her new job and, because of a family obligation, my third week in September is fried too (which I know I keep saying I'll talk about in another post), but I really will), meaning it will be the end of September before I get moved over and seeing her again. She is getting her own med provider, so I won't have to worry about shrinks, which is good (and saves me a crap-ton of money), but it still wasn't solving the current problem.

I had been trying to get in to see these new APNs who took over for all the exiting shrinks at Behavioral Health, to no avail and my medicines were making me worse and worse and I didn't know if I could make it until the end of September.

Working in the medical field, I may not personally have "connections", but I know people who do. Last Monday through Wednesday was particularly bad for me and the suicidal thoughts started creeping back in pretty heavily. I mentioned to a trusted friend and co-worker (with connections) on Wednesday morning what I was dealing with, and within five minutes, she had me an appointment with one of the elusive APNs at Behavioral health for Wednesday afternoon.

I got there, dealt with all the horrible social issues of the merged clinics and finally got back to see her. I explained the problem with the meds and what I was feeling, but then she asked me those three little questions that I NOW know NEVER say yes to!

1) Are you suicidal? (obviously, the meds were killing me)
2) Do you think about hurting others? (who doesn't sometimes, right?)
3) Do you have a plan for killing yourself? (well, stupid question...if you've thought about it then obviously you've thought of how, right?)

The rest is pretty much a blur but, next thing I know, I'm strapped into an ambulance where I spent my next three days and nights locked up in a psych hospital.

Picture, if you will, an extreme social phobic, OCD ridden, Asper person locked in a room with NOTHING in it. Activities and meals were mandatory, outside that room, in with the general population of other nutters (I don't use the term loosely...the place was literally filled with NUTBALLS). I refused to leave my room and fought with many a PCT tech (my Sister told me to stop calling them orderlies, but that's what they acted like) so, needless to say, I didn't get to eat until after I saw the shrink which was about 27 hours after admittance (my first one that started this whole mess FYI) and she ordered that my food was to be taken to my room and I didn't have to go to group or activities if I didn't want to (although the orderlies...damn it...they acted like them, so I'm calling them that...kept trying to force me to go out). I came out for med time and phone time and that was it and I bolted so fast in and out my room, I was like Speedy Gonzales.

Every minute of every day I was getting worse. I kept telling the shrink and the therapist this, but they wouldn't listen. My Sister called everyday and when she finally told them that was the worse possible environment for someone like me and I was getting worse by the second. At that, they FINALLY listened and, despite numerous hiccups that almost caused me to snap completely, by Saturday afternoon I was home again.

Issue is now, I'm terrified to leave the house at all. My Sister stayed Saturday night when I got home, but she has a life and I couldn't keep her here. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I have NO CLUE how I'm going to do that. 35 years of Asper training to "appear normal" and be able to function in the "real world" is all gone and I'm that terrified little girl again.

I don't blame myself (well, a bit maybe), I blame them entirely. I told them I couldn't take SSRI's, they didn't listen. I told them them meds were screwing me up, they didn't listen. I was tricked into answering those three little questions in just the right way (damn my brutally honest Asper mouth), and I was forced through three full days of utter hell that has screwed up all that I have accomplished in my lifetime to be able to function socially. And don't get me started on the nightmares...they have been BRUTAL! The odds of me EVER trusting a mental health professional again are next to nil.

Amber (who has more connections than god, or at least is married to a man who does), is writing a formal letter to the hospital board and wants me to do the same detailing my experiences. Other than this rather satirical view of the past few days in blog form, I'm not sure I can rehash every detail from those three days, nor do I want to. It almost feels like it was a dream anyway (I must have spent a lot of time having Out of Body Experiences and just didn't know it). I know the only way to make that place change its practices and not treat all crazies the exact same way (because we're not), is through documentation (and powerful people), but it's still scary.

So guys, be patient with me...I'm extremely "off" right now and I don't know how it will affect blogging, stitching, or Disney anything. It's just too soon to tell. Needless to say, if I do start to have suicidal thoughts again (although, now that the meds are out of my system, I'm fine on that front again), I will definitely plead the 5th on those three trick questions!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Disney Reviews Snack Edition: #17 - Coca-Cola Store

I debated putting this one under shop reviews instead of snack, but since we did treat it more as a snack location (although we did buy some Coke swag), I decided to lump it in with the snacks.

To avoid the Am-butt (my nickname for her as a child, BTW) picture, I'll just use the one she was taking when I was taking mine:
Oh, what the hell...mine is better anyway (which is rare because Am is an amazing picture-taker)!
The backside is equally as pretty, just with an entirely different aesthetic (the Coke building, not Amber - she's gonna kill me if she reads this!):
We shopped the three levels for quite a while (although I only managed one picture of...wait for it...a light fixture!):
And we had already left the building when we realized we forgot to go to the roof-top bar which was why we went into the store in the first place, so back in we went to the top with evil, left-hander-hating Freestyle machines everywhere!
Considering it was about lunchtime, it was pretty deserted:
There was also still a bit of construction going on around Disney Springs (which is mainly all finished now), but here was our view:
Notice the water tower? I LOVE water towers almost as much as lighthouses and interstate walls! Yes, we've already established I'm weird, so no need to go there!
Poor old Planet Hollywood!
And the reason for our visit...Cokes from around the world!
and backwards:
It's been WAY to long to remember the good and the bad, but it was an equal mix of each. Their menu is here on the Disney site if you're interested. Nothing got spit through the air, but a few got swallowed with a bit of gagging (not a euphemism). Others got fought over until the last sip was gone. Me personally, I didn't like the non-sparkling ones much. Most tasted like flavored salt or seltzer water (without the bubbles). I'm also pretty sure that we both walked out of there a bit sick to our stomachs from all the sweetness. They also have a full bar with alcoholic drinks as well, but it was a bit early in the day for that!

Not sure we would do the big tray again, but at least we can say we did it and it is a really cool store for Coke fans. Now that they have started "New Coke"'ing Coke Zero, my love has dropped down a bit, but at least I have an original Coke Zero shirt in my collection thanks to that store. SAVE COKE ZERO CLASSIC! Hear me Coke people, your new Coke Zero Sugar crap SUCKS!!!! Damn the man, save the empire...sorry, getting carried away!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Weekly Stitching and Asper tics

I didn't stitch any this past week, but it was one of the roughest week's I've had in a while, so it wasn't surprising plus, there was another reason I'll discuss in a minute. I did stitch today though, so I did get in a few hours. I left off here last week:
I wasn't too focused today, but I did make it here:
Cinderella is starting to take shape! Wonder if she'll be as creepy-skinned as the other ones?

Now for the non-stitching part, so you guys can skip the rest of this if you want to. I might even post a gross picture in there somewhere and those with weak constitutions might be better off elsewhere.

Aspers are known for having tics...movements or actions that can appear irregular to others, but we use them as a calming effect. If we are really stressed, the tics can be self-harming. Last week was a really bad work week, so my body suffered. I also have a work task that has to be done tomorrow morning that has literally been making me sick for days, which has only made it all worse. In the past few months, I've started back on a tic that I haven't done since my teen years and this particular tic makes it hard to stitch.

When I was really little, my tic was banging my head or various limbs against walls or objects. I eventually found out that a lot of Asper kids do this. I still have a scar on my right knee from banging it against a babysitter's footboard when I was two. When I couldn't express myself verbally, it was the way I tried to communicate (although it never worked obviously, just made me look weirder). I banged my head against the wall a LOT when I went to daycare.

The physical tics changed throughout my youth, but when I hit my teen years, I developed a new one...sawing on my right wrist with my left thumbnail. It was a lot easier to hide this tic because I was fat, geeky and weird and most people didn't notice me anyway. I didn't do this tic a lot because, when your wrist is all tore up, it makes it hard to do everyday things, even when it's not your dominant hand. I was a pretty suicidal teen as well, so sometimes I think it was probably a full on self-harming action without the conscious knowledge of it.

Eventually, I settled on two other "normal" tics (or as normal as they can be). One is tapping with my left fingers on my right arm like I'm playing a piano or typing. If I'm really stressed, I'm wringing my hands, sometimes leaving bruises. These are the tics I've lived with for about 30 years.

But for the past few months, I've started reverting back to my high school tic...carving on my wrist. Most times, I don't even know I'm doing it until it starts to hurt. My therapist suggested I bandage it when the urge starts, but the bandage drives me insane, worse than the after effects of the tic.

When I went to St. George Island a few weeks ago, I was sporting quite a few deep claw marks on my wrist, but I truly believe that trip, be it the drive or the water, made it heal a lot faster than it should have because, by the following Tuesday, all that were left were new scars.

Needless to stay, last week I started in again and made a bit of a mess. I bandaged it Saturday because I had to take the pups to the vet to get their flu shots (another long story for another post) and I didn't want anyone to notice, but the bandage looks like I've been suicidal, so it draws attention anyway.

Trimming my nails back doesn't help at all. I will unconsciously pick up something sharp and do the same thing and I've even caught myself chewing with my teeth. I figure, if it's going to happen, might as well keep my nails than risk accidentally picking up a knife. I also tried wearing my watch on my right wrist, but I can't stand that belongs on my left (and yes, I've even used my watch as a "weapon" without knowing I'm doing it by digging one wrist into the other). Sometimes I will pour rubbing alcohol on it, partly for antiseptic reasons, and partly to remind me to stop (because THAT hurts), but the minute things go stressful again, I'm carving away.

It hurt a little stitching today with all the bending (the skin keeps pulling apart), but I did it anyway to keep my hands busy and lessened the desire. It kind of makes me wonder if cross-stitching hadn't become a tic for me. I noticed that I started back on the wrist carving when I stopped stitching. I stopped carving the other week when I was stitching and I started carving again this week with no stitching. If I can keep myself stitching, maybe I can break this tic again.

But alas, I can't go on a thousand mile trip every single weekend and tomorrow is now upon me and I've got a small festering wound once again.

It's not too bad and I've done worse damage, that's for sure. There are a lot of scars on that wrist (although it's hard to tell from this pic). So do I wear a bandage to work and try to explain why I'm wearing it, or do I let it just go and risk tearing into it even more? Considering I work in the medical field and I'm not always in "clean" areas, it will probably have to be bandaged, but in the act of worrying about work tomorrow, I have inadvertently made things worse because not only do I have to deal with tomorrow, I have to do it with a big sign on my wrist saying I'm a nut-job. The joys of Asperdom.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Disney Reviews Snack Edition: #16: Amorette's Patisserie

Disney Springs brought Downtown Disney into a whole new world (pardon the pun). With the addition of some great new shops and restaurants, there are also a ton of snack places. Last spring we tried The Ganachery and I wasn't too impressed with it. Granted...and yes, everyone take a deep breath...I'm not a huge fan of chocolate (unless it's dark or white or red velvet), but there is a reason.

When I was a kid, I mentioned that after that first "unforgettable" trip to Disney World, I went with my Aunt and Grandmother on their vacations instead of with my parents. My Grandmother, Aunt, mother and uncle are from Pennsylvania, about halfway between Harrisburg and Philly, and they went there a lot to visit family. Way before the town of Hershey had amusement parks and hotels and the like, all it used to have was a chocolate factory and a very small town. The town, in an effort to appeal to visitors of the day, emitted a chocolate scent in the air all the time, but it didn't smell like real chocolate. Ever smelled something "chocolate-scented" like a pencil or lip gloss or something? THAT is the smell the town pumped into the air and it made me physically ill the entire time we were there. Since that moment, I haven't liked chocolate too much at all, especially Hershey's. Does that help redeem me a bit? I don't think they still do it, but when we go through there next month, I'll let you know (more on that in another blog post).

Anyway, back to Amorette's, in my usual Disney picture-taking way, I somehow managed to miss taking a picture of the front of the building. I even went back to the spring pictures to see if I got a shot before it was was finished, but this is the best I can do-it's the gable to the left of Amber:
Oh, and I may have mentioned this before, but in case anyone has glanced at pictures and noticed that my Sister's butt or boobs seem to be in a lot of them, it's because she often walks too fast for me so she's always in front of me (hence the butt shots) and well, boob-wise, if I'm taking pictures of something in front of her or something she's holding, there is no getting around them! Just ignore it. I don't even notice how many I have half the time until she says something about it.

Amber and I both did a pretty good job on the inside though:
Yes, these are cakes you can buy, very very expensive cakes, but cakes none the less and each is a completely different flavor:
They were making this one while everyone watched:
Rare occurrence...Keebles butt (not that you can see it between my purse/camera bag and shopping bags)-sometimes she likes to get me back. Not that it works...I have neither butt nor boobs...I'm all belly. I am the typical "Pooh-shaped" Disney person:
Exciting right? Not really, but here's the good stuff. We came away with three purchases, two for me:
And one for her:
After being carried around Disney Springs and back to the Beach Club, the smaller ones didn't fare so well, but my little cake held up well and it was AH-MAZ-ING! It took me a couple of days to eat it though, so thank goodness for Disney resort room fridges!
You can also buy it in a bigger version (which is outrageously expensive, even compared to the character cakes), but I opted for the tiny $15 version (it was probably 2.5 to 3 inches round and maybe 4 inches high?). It's their signature cake, and per their menu page, it's described as: Eleven layers of Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Cake, Cherry Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Pate De Fruit Jelly, and Italian Buttercream.

The other two desserts were "OK", but probably shouldn't have been eaten that night instead of the next morning for breakfast. Overall, this is my favorite "sweet" addition to Disney Springs, I just need more money to go there!

Oh, and I'm trying to keep my Disney Reviews page updated as I go, but if I miss one, just let me know!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Disney Restaurant Reviews #27: Blaze Pizza

From the time that we went to the Flower and Garden Festival in March until this past trip in September, Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) had grown exponentially and was nearing completion stage. Of all the changes that Disney World has been going through, the upgrades to Downtown Disney have been my favorite because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney shopping! But we also got tons of new restaurants, Morimoto Asia we tried in March (to mixed reviews). This time we went more casual with more "counter service" type places, the first one I'm going to review is Blaze Pizza.
I am NOT a fan of "build your own" type lines, but luckily I had Amber with me. I tend to whisper in her ear what I want and she orders for me. If I had gone alone, I wouldn't have been able to eat here and I did end up bolting not long after our orders were placed. It was just too cramped, loud, and wild in there for me.
Now, this is one of the reasons why I hate to wait so long to do reviews...I can't for the life of me remember what each of us had. I think mine was pretty much a Margherita (obviously), but I don't know what Am had. They write the orders on paper and then put the pizza on top of it (which I wasn't a fan of because of the ink), so I can't tell what was on each).
Close-ups of each:
We also got salads and drinks-and since they had a Freestyle machine, we did get a bit creative (but I can't remember what we had). Oh, and as a side rant, is it just me or do Freestyle machines HATE left-handed people? I can't, for the life of me, ever get one of those stupid things to work and Amber has no issue whatsoever (she's right-handed). I've gotten to the point where I don't even try anymore, even locally, but anyhoo, here are the extras:
I will have to say, after the chaos of inside, we chose seating outside (never a good idea in Florida, but it was a breezy night) and it was, quite possibly, one of the best pizzas I've ever eaten in my entire life! Seriously amazing! If we could have licked the paper, we would have (and I guess we could have, but it would have been gross). I'm not a big fan of going on vacation and getting "normal" type foods that I can get at home like pizza and burgers (which kind of ruins yesterday's review, doesn't it?), but this was definitely gourmet pizza and it was one of the cheapest dinners we had the entire trip! It will be a definite stop on every future trip we can squeeze it into, that's for sure!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Disney Restaurant Reviews #26: Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

Normally, with reviews of places I've been dozens of times before, I will scour years and years of photos to show every single meal we've eaten there throughout the years. Now that I have almost 45,000 pictures, most of them of Disney, I don't think I'm going to do that this time. Sorry.

Since they changed my beloved Pecos Bill's, Magic Kingdom counter service has taken a sharp downturn. We have eaten at Cosmic Rays throughout the years, but it's usually because Amber can't stand yet another Taco Salad from Pecos. Now that's not a problem (unfortunately). Oh, and by this time in my reviews, do I need to explain the difference between table service and counter service? I hope not, but think of counter service as like McDonald's and table service as like Olive Garden (bad comparison, but they were the first ones that came to my head).

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe is located in Tomorrowland, but we approached this time from the Fantasyland side:
There are three different bays for ordering and each bay used to be a different thing...hamburgers, chicken, and salads, but now they all have the same stuff:
Like Pecos Bill's, they have a toppings bar, so whatever you order is pretty much "naked" and you fix it how you like:
We opted for the standard burger fare:
I wish these cups were more sturdy and could survive a trip home! I LOVE the Halloween cups!
What sets Cosmic Ray's apart is the joy that is Sonny Eclipse! After all these years, I'm surprised he's still there, but I absolutely ADORE him and I know his entire spiel by heart!
This was one of the few times we got to see the entire show and I loved it (yet another reason why this trip was the absolute best one ever!) and we had a great, unimpeded seat too, so it made it even better! I think Amber got a bit frustrated because she wanted to go and doesn't understand my fascination with him, but she did allow me to watch the entire show and didn't complain too much when I sang along! I figure he'll be gone soon too, an old standby from a by-gone Disney era (plus, he's broken down quite a bit and constantly having to be repaired), but I sure hope not! Besides, the Yeti at Expedition Everest has rarely ever worked since day 1 and he's still there, so why not Sonny? If the time comes, you will see me in a Save Sonny shirt, that's for sure!

For anyone interested, here's his full show: